Pindah ke Bali Cuma Makan Buah Selama 5 Tahun, Lihat Perubahan Wanita Ini

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Selasa, 18 September 2018 09:42
Pindah ke Bali Cuma Makan Buah Selama 5 Tahun, Lihat Perubahan Wanita Ini
Ia juga tak sikat gigi selama dua tahun, alasannya...

Dream - Tina Stoklosa, seorang desainer interior asal Polandia menjalani diet yang unik. Ia hanya makan buah selama lima tahun dan mengalami perubahan fisik yang sangat drastis.

Keputusan tersebut dimulai pada Desember 2013 lalu. Perempuan berusia 39 tahun itu merasa sulit menerapkan diet sehat saat berada di rumah. Ia akhirnya memutuskan untuk pergi ke Bali demi mencari buah-buah eksotis beragam yang membuatnya bisa menjadi fruitarian sejati.

Saat berada di Bali, Tina bertemu dengan Simon Beun (26) yang kini menjadi tunangannya. Pasangan ini juga mengklaim tak sikat gigi selama dua tahun karena merasa tak memerlukannya.

Mereka meyakini dengan hanya mengonsumsi buah giginya selalu sehat dan bersih. Tina dan Simon dalam sehari mengonsumsi setara 2.000 hingga 4.000 kalori atau sekitar 30 pisang. Saat haus, mereka minum air kelapa.

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Perubahan Drastis Tina

Rupanya dulu Tina mengalami obesitas. Saat usianya 29 tahun, tubuhnya sangat besar.

Ia pernah berusaha olahraga bersepeda mati-matian. Tapi malah meningkatkan nafsu makannya.

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Part 1 of 2 ✨ This is going to be a bit of a personal rant, inspired by one of the conversations I had with my best friend. I was trying to explain to Joanna in what ways I am different to the person she has known for 2 decades. The first thing that came to my mind is that I am FREE. Free from a voice inside my head that my made the vast majority of my life miserable. We all have these self diminishing voices in our heads whispering ‘Im not pretty enough’, ‘Im not successful enough’… Only you know what is your personal brand of ‘not-enough-ism’. Mine has always been ‘Im not thin enough’. I cannot explain to you just how much room that single thought occupied inside my head. I thought about it millions of times each day and everything I did was motivated by the need to get smaller. If only I could have used all the energy I put into dieting into something more purposeful, I could have made president of my country or done major things for humanity instead 😉 Yet since when I was pre-teen till when I was 36, my sole focus in life was getting thinner, the aggressiveness of my pursuit sharpened by the fact that the more I dieted - the more overweight I became. I engaged in periods of overeating, purging and restricting for over two decades, stuck in this evil cycle, none the wiser with each rodeo. Eventually I reached 83kg (183 lbs) at just 153cm tall (5 ft). That is 32kg or 70 lbs bigger than I am now. Not that it matters now - now that the weight is gone for good, I never even think about weight related stuff, which is why I talk about it so seldom. Whats interesting, now that my body has reached its ideal weight, my weight hasn’t changed the slightest in three years. With little to no exercise I am able to eat as much as my boyfriend - a 26yr old male - and not gain any weight! Perks of the fruitarian lifestyle? Certainly. Weight maintenance is just so easy on fruit. Did I loose weight as soon as I started eating just fruit? Absolutely not. (Continued in next post)

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" Aku seperti merasa tak ada yang bisa menolong sampai melakukan riset tentang resep smoothies. Aku baca di internet seorang gadis hanya makan buah dan grup pendukung yang menyebut diri mereka sebagai fruitarian," ungkap Tina, seperti dikutip dari NY Post.


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Mengubah Fisik dan Mental

Ia lalu mencobanya selama dua minggu. Setelah itu Tina merasa lebih segar dan berenergi.

" Aku pun memutuskan untuk terus melakukannya. Bukan hanya mengubah fisikku tapi juga mentalku. Aku memutuskan untuk tak kembali makan 'normal'," ujar Tina.

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So how do we communicate in these far-flung destinations in Indonesia? Not in English, thats for sure. Even tho everyone calls 'Hello Mister' after us (yes, there is no differentiation, we're both Misters 😂) and the occasional how are you, we were not able to get much further than this in English in the Malukus (or other rural places like Papua, Sumatra, Kalimantan) When one of our friends heard we're going to the Malukus she said 'oh you're gonna improve your Indonesian Bahasa very fast'. And she was right. It is absolutely essential that you speak the local tongue - how else are you gonna find a homestay for a night in a village with no lodging? Or enquire about the origin of the fruits? I have to say I haven't been as excited about learning a language ever since I mastered entire menus in Italian to get the full experience of eating out in Tuscany. The way we learn Indonesian is simple - usually its Google Translate. Once in a while we'll find someone who speaks both English & Bahasa and I'll drill them with 30-40 new phrases that I then write down in our booklet and learn a few phrases a day. Other times a phrase is repeated to us over & over again like 'masak di pohon' (soft on the tree) so we're curious to look it up. Indonesian Bahasa is super easy to learn. Its pronounced exactly as its written (good for google translate) and the differentiation between past, present & future times comes from context. One word can be used for many things. 'Jalan' can mean walking, a walk, travel or a road. Creating plural is a piece of cake too. 'Buah' is a fruit, fruits is 'buah buahan'. Interestingly, the descriptive adjective comes after the noun, so 'pohon besar' means big tree but its in the order of 'tree big'. Similarly 'duren enak' (tasty durian) is actually 'durian tasty'. I encourage you to learn a bit of the local tongue wherever you travel. It puts a smile on the faces of the local peeps. If anything - learn the numerals so you can engage in the mutual flirtatious dance of bargaining! Just look at how much everyone is enjoying a good durian hustle above!

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Simon dan Tina kini menjelajah negara-negara di asia untuk mencari buah-buahan nikmat sebagai sumber pangan mereka. Dokumentasi perjalanan mereka bisa dilihat di Instagram dan channel YouTube Fit Shortie Eats.

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